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  • Online Tarot Readings

    Tarot cards combine fascination and mysticism while the magic surrounding their interpretation keeps people spellbound as much today as ever before. For many, Tarot is a deeply esoteric medium for evaluating a variety of life situations.

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  • Online Tarot

    Online Tarot can help when you're at a seemingly insurmountable crossroads in life. Whether it is about love, a relationship or your job and career, a tarot reading can answer many of life’s questions.

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  • Online Tarot FAQ

    With our Tarot FAQ we answer the most relevant questions regarding online tarot, the tarot cards, the different spread systems and the evaluation of your personal tarot analysis.

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  • The Major Arcana

    The Major Arcana in Tarot is surrounded in mysticism with its impressive collection of carefully chosen pictures and symbols depicting the questioner’s journey to enlightenment.

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  • The Minor Arcana

    The Minor Arcana in Tarot are divided into four suits, the wands, the cups, the swords and the coins, each of which consists of 14 tarot cards arranged in a similar fashion to a standard playing card deck.

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  • The Wands in Tarot

    The Wands in Tarot represent the areas of work, career and talents. These tarot cards are closely related to the creative and mystical power and untamed energies of the fire element.

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  • The Cups in Tarot

    The Cups in Tarot specialize in questions of interpersonal relationships and feelings and these tarot cards are associated with the powerful forces and serenity of the water element.

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  • The Swords in Tarot

    The Swords in Tarot in their basic meaning symbolize courage, strength, the mind and intellect. Associated with the Air element, however, caution is advised if these tarot cards are drawn reversed.

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  • The Coins in Tarot

    The Coins in Tarot stand for the realization of goals and dreams, prosperity and success. These tarot cards allow you to review all areas of life of a financial and material nature.

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Dails Tarot Readings

  • Free Daily Card Tarot

    The Daily Tarot Card gives us a better understanding of prevailing aspects in your life and is the perfect tarot card reading for a general overview of the current day.

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  • Free 3-Card Daily Spread Tarot

    The 3-Card Daily Tarot Spread uses three cards of the Major Arcana to determine the course of your day and the general influence on your love life and your career.

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Popular Tarot Readings

  • Popular Tarot Spreads

    Online Tarot for popular and traditional tarot spreads such as the Celtic Cross allows you to connect with the magic and mysticism of the tarot cards to create an insight into the present and the future.

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  • The Celtic Cross

    The Celtic Cross tarot is a very popular and easy to read tarot spread which reflects the course of past, the present and the future in relation to the question asked.

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  • Tarot for Clarity

    The Tarot for Clarity is a very useful and helpful tarot spread renowned for achieving fundamental transparency and understanding in finding the answers you are looking for.

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  • Weekly Overview

    The Weekly Overview tarot is the right tarot spread for all who want to see what opportunities the coming week offers, or maybe even which obstacles you can overcome positively.

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  • Horoscope Tarot

    The Horoscope Tarot is a detailed tarot spread for all situations in life that features the twelve signs of the zodiac representing the different areas of our own character and potential

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  • Spiritual Help

    No matter what answers you are looking for, the Spiritual Help tarot can be your guide to recognising truths and revelations by opening the door to happiness and the inner eye.

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  • The Pentoracle

    The Pentoracle tarot spread offers you the invaluable opportunity to take a glimpse at future events of all kinds and can present you with sound advice or even a warning if necessary.

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Love Tarot

  • Tarot | Love & Relationships

    Online tarot for love and relationships - with these tarot spreads all the strengths, weaknesses and doubts as well as hopes and expectations are examined to present an overview of your love life.

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  • The Love Oracle

    The Love Oracle tarot helps you to examine strengths and hopes as well as doubts and weaknesses to then present you with a comprehensive picture of your relationship.

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  • Partner Search Tarot

    The Partner Search tarot is popular with singles and with this tarot spread not only future potential is shown, but also possible current or past issues can be highlighted and addressed.

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  • Soul Mates Tarot

    The Soul Mates tarot reveals the secrets behind the deep and binding feelings within your relationship and highlights its positive areas as well as those areas that may require attention.

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  • In Love Tarot

    The In Love Tarot is a romantic tarot spread that deals with the longing and dream of new love, highlights your next steps and provides a basis for positive development.

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  • Relationship Tarot

    The Relationship Tarot gives you an insight into your current wishes and hopes as well as your worries and helps you to form a fundamental overview of your existing relationship.

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  • Heartache Tarot

    The Heartache Tarot enables you to discover a variety of solutions and possibilities to help better understand your sorrow with the opportunity to then draw positive energy from it.

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Career Tarot

  • Tarot | Career & Finances

    Online tarot for career and finances - here you’ll find a number of tarot spreads that deal specifically with all questions regarding your job, your workplace and money issues.

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  • Career Analysis Tarot

    With the Career Analysis tarot spread, you can explore a wide range of possibilities for the emotional and existential evaluation of your current professional situation.

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  • Work Environment Tarot

    Use the Work Environment tarot to see interpersonal relationships with work colleagues more clearly and to explore possible insecurities in the workspace.

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  • The Career Oracle

    The Career Oracle tarot gives you a glimpse into your career future and is the perfect tarot spread for all matters relating to your professional situation and opportunities.

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  • Career Decision

    There are often important decisions to be made in the workplace that could have far-reaching effects. The Career Decision tarot is a spread that helps to provide the necessary advice.

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  • The Prosperity Tarot

    Financial security and is of course something that we all strive for and the Prosperity Tarot can give us help and guidance to any questions we may have in this area.

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Wellnes Tarot

  • Tarot | Vitality & Wellbeing

    Online Tarot for vitality and wellbeing – these tarot spreads are ideal if you’re feeling tired, sluggish or exhausted and serve as a small tonic to lift you up and get you back into action.

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  • The Vitality Tarot

    The Vitality Tarot is a helpful supplement for more wellbeing and vitality by highlighting current behavioural patterns and revealing ways to achieve more energy and productivity.

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  • The Helping Hand

    The Helping Hand tarot is a wonderful, complementary tarot spread for all questions relating to the happiness and well-being of our friends and family around us.

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  • Self Confidence

    The Self Confidence tarot is a powerful tarot spread that encourages you to believe more in your own abilities and strives to achieve more harmony in life through balance and relaxation.

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  • The Energy Boost Tarot

    The Energy Boost tarot is suitable for people who want to achieve more energy and strength in their lives and helps you to delve into your inner self to discover those hidden resources.

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  • Self Awareness Tarot

    Anyone reading cards in the Self-Awareness tarot spread will be surprised at how beneficial it can be to take a look in the mirror and learn more about your own traits and characteristics.

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  • The Family Tarot

    The Family Tarot helps you to find answers regarding your nearest and dearest - the overshadowing of an otherwise wonderful relationship by the unfulfilled wish for a child for example.

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The Majot Arcana

  • The Fool

    The Fool in Tarot is a tarot card that represents the irrational and absurd. He gives in to his instincts blindly and ruthlessly. A naïve figure who readily submits to his own fantasies and desires.

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  • The Magician

    The Magician in Tarot is a tarot card that represents skill and intelligence. He has many talents and expresses himself through the power of his personality and his creative ability.

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  • The High Priestess

    The High Priestess in Tarot is a spiritual being and her tarot card indicates wisdom and humility. She is considered the mother of all things and encourages recognition and understanding.

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  • The Empress

    The Empress in Tarot strives for the highest ideals. This tarot card represents study, application and science as well as kindness and grace, but also tends to be vain and easily tempted by luxury.

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  • The Emperor

    The Emperor in Tarot is a ruling spirit, powerful, focused and unaffected by the influence of others. This is a tarot card of power, masculinity, calm realisation, peace and clarity.

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  • The Hierophant

    The Hierophant or the Pope in Tarot symbolizes the absence of doubts and brings security and self-confidence. He is a figure of serenity although this tarot card can also symbolize punishment and fear.

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  • The Lovers

    The Lovers in Tarot represent goals and desires as well as wishes and a deep-seated longing. With this tarot card, the heart is seeking answers and is driven by a mix of sympathies and antipathies.

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  • The Chariot

    The Chariot in Tarot often signifies realization, self-control and leadership. This tarot card shows success through one's own endeavour and can also herald activity, a surprise or a departure.

    Mehr lesen: The Chariot »

  • Justice

    Justice in Tarot speaks to you of logic, accuracy and certainty. This tarot card represents honesty, integrity, harmony and order and a clear and unwavering sense of equality and justice

    Mehr lesen: Justice »

  • The Hermit

    The Hermit in Tarot sees himself as a force not yet released into the world and guards a secret that has yet to be revealed. This tarot card symbolizes abstinence and knowledge and urges caution.

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  • The Wheel of Fortune

    The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot is also known as the Wheel of Destiny and represents opportunity. This tarot card announces a happy change and brings luck, but the benefits can however be fleeting.

    Mehr lesen: The Wheel of Fortune »

  • Strength

    Strength in Tarot promises not only mental and spiritual strength but also moral strength and willpower. This is a tarot card of virtue, courage and calm whose energy can be applied to work and activities.

    Mehr lesen: Strength »

  • The Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man in Tarot symbolizes still-stand, is undecisive and can cause difficulties when making decisions. This tarot card can fluctuate its meaning between the past, the present and the future.

    Mehr lesen: The Hanged Man »

  • Death

    Death in Tarot stands for a necessary termination of a current matter or can reveal irresponsibility or an error in judgement. This tarot card heralds an awaited change or a new beginning.

    Mehr lesen: Death »

  • Temperance

    Temperance in Tarot brings with it the spirit of reconciliation and following hard times, indifference finally sets in. With this tarot card, the time of regeneration and healing of the soul begins.

    Mehr lesen: Temperance »

  • The Devil

    The Devil in Tarot represents selfish activities influenced by primitive desires. This tarot card represents confusion, imbalance, hysteria and lust. Beware of the influence of others.

    Mehr lesen: The Devil »

  • The Tower

    The Tower in Tarot, also called the House of God, warns against the dangers of pride and arrogance. This tarot card warns you not to continue along your current path, otherwise there is a risk of disaster.

    Mehr lesen: The Tower »

  • The Star

    The Star in Tarot offers the opportunity to use an invisible and powerful force. This tarot card is a gift and offers protection and hope and encourages you to listen to your intuition.

    Mehr lesen: The Star »

  • The Moon

    The Moon in Tarot symbolizes false security. However, this tarot card also warns you to beware of your own mistakes and can also highlight weaknesses such as jealousy or hypochondria.

    Mehr lesen: The Moon »

  • The Sun

    The Sun in Tarot represents great feelings, positivity, a strong sense of direction and altruistic submission. This tarot card also represents beauty, health and success in any situation.

    Mehr lesen: The Sun »

  • Judgement

    Judgment in Tarot is an extremely positive tarot card, that calls for the restoration of physical, moral and spiritual health. Use its power to review your affairs and put them in order.

    Mehr lesen: Judgement »

  • The World

    The World in Tarot promises great power on a spiritual level. A favourable environment for a crucial outcome is symbolized with this tarot card and it is associated with inspiration and success.

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The Wands in Tarot

  • Ace of Wands

    The Ace of Wands in Tarot reveals the chance to start something new. This tarot card symbolizes optimism and the joy of life. New goals are achieved and the willingness to take risks increases.

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  • Two of Wands

    The Two of Wands in Tarot highlights a neutral and rather indifferent attitude. While there's nothing to worry about, some of the messages symbolized by this tarot card may hold you back.

    Mehr lesen: Two of Wands »

  • Three of Wands

    The Three of Wands in Tarot signifies a secure base with good prospects for the future. A firm foundation and a solid and safe environment are the main characteristics of this positive tarot card.

    Mehr lesen: Three of Wands »

  • Four of Wands

    The Four of Wands in Tarot stands for fun, happiness and peaceful coexistence. Entertainment and action as well as socializing with loved ones are prominent with this pleasantly positive tarot card.

    Mehr lesen: Four of Wands »

  • Five of Wands

    The Five of Wands in Tarot symbolizes competition, maybe even a showdown. However, this tarot card could also point to a partnership problem that requires a great deal of skill to resolve.

    Mehr lesen: Five of Wands »

  • Six of Wands

    The Six of Wands in Tarot represents recognition and fame. This tarot card is associated with contentment, happiness, joy and satisfaction and shows that your efforts have been worthwhile.

    Mehr lesen: Six of Wands »

  • Seven of Wands

    The Seven of Wands in Tarot encourages you to stay vigilant. Strong resistance is to be expected and this tarot card only has a chance of success if you can exercise a great deal of perseverance.

    Mehr lesen: Seven of Wands »

  • Eight of Wands

    The Eight of Wands in Tarot shows that an important event is imminent. At the same time, this tarot card indicates that a positive development is happening faster than expected.

    Mehr lesen: Eight of Wands »

  • Nine of Wands

    The Nine of Wands in Tarot signifies resistance and disappointment. However, this tarot card encourages you not to withdraw, but to face your destiny and take important steps for further development.

    Mehr lesen: Nine of Wands »

  • Ten of Wands

    The Ten of Wands in Tarot symbolizes an overwhelming or pressurising situation, also clumsy or ill-considered actions. This tarot card reveals that a new environment is perceived as a burden.

    Mehr lesen: Ten of Wands »

  • Page of Wands

    The Page of Wands in Tarot symbolizes risk-taking and courage. Existing partnerships are revived with this tarot card and new thrills and adventure are sought outside of your usual boundaries.

    Mehr lesen: Page of Wands »

  • Knight of Wands

    The Knight of Wands in Tarot embodies lust and passion. But this tarot card can also indicate impatience and the desire for immediate results, followed by anger and aggression if things don’t move forward.

    Mehr lesen: Knight of Wands »

  • Queen of Wands

    The Queen of Wands in Tarot stands for self-confidence, open-mindedness, self-determination, wisdom and strength. The feminine power of this tarot card represents pleasure, but also waste.

    Mehr lesen: Queen of Wands »

  • King of Wands

    The King of Wands in Tarot represents work, loss of energy, honesty and passion. This tarot card promises growth and is an expression of willpower and the greatest possible development.

    Mehr lesen: King of Wands »

The Cups in Tarot

  • Ace of Cups

    The Ace of Cups in Tarot symbolizes happiness, infatuation and emotional new beginnings. A happy time is ahead. This tarot card embodies an opportunity to experience true love and security.

    Mehr lesen: Ace of Cups »

  • Two of Cups

    The Two of Cups in Tarot stands for new acquaintances and loving encounters. This tarot card is also an expression of reconciliation or mutual respect when interacting with your peers.

    Mehr lesen: Two of Cups »

  • Three of Cups

    The Three of Cups in Tarot is an expression of joy and light-heartedness. This tarot card reveals how many wonderful things have already been achieved and what you can already be thankful for.

    Mehr lesen: Three of Cups »

  • Four of Cups

    The Four of Cups in Tarot indicates disappointment. Resentment and anger dominate and this tarot card warns not to overlook an opportunity that is within reach out of jealousy and bitterness.

    Mehr lesen: Four of Cups »

  • Five of Cups

    The Five of Cups in Tarot symbolizes pain, sadness and depression. At the same time, this tarot card is encouraging because it shows that we have the support of good friends around us.

    Mehr lesen: Five of Cups »

  • Six of Cups

    The Six of Cups in Tarot forces us to deal with the past. This tarot card stands for memories from times long past and points to situations and events that we experienced in our childhood.

    Mehr lesen: Six of Cups »

  • Seven of Cups

    The Seven of Cups in Tarot warns against false hope and disappointment. At the same time, this tarot card holds the promise of unexpected help form a loved one to avoid unrealistic wishes.

    Mehr lesen: Seven of Cups »

  • Eight of Cups

    The Eight of Cups in Tarot stands for departure and farewell. Maybe new friends or even a new job. This is not a negative tarot card by all means, on the contrary, new situations are to be embraced.

    Mehr lesen: Eight of Cups »

  • Nine of Cups

    The Nine of Cups in Tarot represents a fun and enjoyable time. Disputes from the past are long forgotten and this tarot card clearly shows that gradually over time everything returns to normal.

    Mehr lesen: Nine of Cups »

  • Ten of Cups

    The Ten of Cups in Tarot symbolizes togetherness, contentment, balance and harmony. This tarot card also represents a fruitful period of good luck and happiness with friends and family.

    Mehr lesen: Ten of Cups »

  • Page of Cups

    The Page of Cups in Tarot promises pleasure, harmony and forgiveness. A quarrel is followed by a peace offering. This tarot card can also be a sign of good advice or an encouraging message.

    Mehr lesen: Page of Cups »

  • Knight of Cups

    The Knight of Cups in Tarot means that good news and positive energy are on the way. This tarot card symbolizes security and signifies that a time of great love and affection is imminent.

    Mehr lesen: Knight of Cups »

  • Queen of Cups

    The Queen of Cups in Tarot embodies femininity and gentleness and carries with it a message of empathy and sensitivity. This tarot card ensures that helping forces around you do not stay hidden.

    Mehr lesen: Queen of Cups »

  • King of Cups

    The King of Cups in Tarot is a calm and considered individual who promises joy and pleasure. This tarot card represents spontaneity, giving greater importance to feelings and mediumship.

    Mehr lesen: King of Cups »

The Swords in Tarot

  • Ace of Swords

    The Ace of Swords in Tarot represents balance and clarity. This tarot card revitalizes old habits and, thanks to its power, serious problems can be solved making it also a formidable ally.

    Mehr lesen: Ace of Swords »

  • Two of Swords

    The Two of Swords in Tarot points to the inner turmoil and this tarot card shows the indecisiveness and the unsuccessful attempts to find a satisfactory solution on an intellectual level.

    Mehr lesen: Two of Swords »

  • Three of Swords

    The Three of Swords in Tarot can symbolize problems in love, indicating hurt and disappointment. Often this tarot card can represent the end of an unhappy relationship now or in the near future.

    Mehr lesen: Three of Swords »

  • Four of Swords

    The Four of Swords in Tarot represents the calm after a fight. This tarot card indicates that the pain will not be forgotten, but new plans are already being forged in the subconscious.

    Mehr lesen: Four of Swords »

  • Five of Swords

    The Five of Swords in Tarot symbolizes slander, spite and humiliation. Be wary of those around you. This tarot card can also show conflicts, cancellations and pending failures.

    Mehr lesen: Five of Swords »

  • Six of Swords

    The Six of Swords in Tarot symbolizes a change and bidding farewell to a negative energy field. A new life can begin with this tarot card, but where this will lead is not yet entirely clear.

    Mehr lesen: Six of Swords »

  • Seven of Swords

    The Seven of Swords in Tarot means there is a high risk of being cheated and deceived. This tarot card must be taken as a warning to tread carefully and be vigilant as not every battle can be won.

    Mehr lesen: Seven of Swords »

  • Eight of Swords

    The Eight of Swords in Tarot represents indecisiveness. This tarot card doesn't necessarily have to symbolize something negative, but it does make it clear that destiny can swing both ways.

    Mehr lesen: Eight of Swords »

  • Nine of Swords

    The Nine of Swords in Tarot signifies depression and loss. With this tarot card, fears and feelings of guilt penetrate deep into the consciousness and make you discouraged and pessimistic.

    Mehr lesen: Nine of Swords »

  • Ten of Swords

    The Ten of Swords in Tarot portends the failure of an important or beloved project. This tarot card encourages us however to accept this defeat, as only after letting go is it possible to move forward.

    Mehr lesen: Ten of Swords »

  • Page of Swords

    The Page of Swords in Tarot signifies that someone is spying, controlling or monitoring you. This tarot card indicates a conflict within your circle of friends or colleagues or warns of a divisive argument.

    Mehr lesen: Page of Swords »

  • Knight of Swords

    The Knight of Swords in Tarot represents conflict, revenge and aggression. This tarot card is often a harbinger of breakups or an indication that ill-natured or deceitful plans are afoot.

    Mehr lesen: Knight of Swords »

  • Queen of Swords

    The Queen of Swords in Tarot is a powerful matriarchal figure who inspires all around her. This tarot card represents cleverness, independence and quick wit. Be vigilant and use its energy.

    Mehr lesen: Queen of Swords »

  • King of Swords

    The King of Swords is an authoritarian person with a clear and wise mind. This tarot card symbolizes sociability and eloquence but can also be a warning against exaggeration and excess.

    Mehr lesen: King of Swords »

The Coins/Pentacles in Tarot

  • Ace of Coins

    The Ace of Coins in Tarot represents unexpected income, wealth, luck and financial new beginnings. A new venture promises to bring happiness and prosperity with this tarot card.

    Mehr lesen: Ace of Coins »

  • Two of Coins

    The Two of Coins in Tarot is a positive tarot card symbolizing a way of life without boredom. A second source of income is in sight and new projects and ventures lead to the desired success.

    Mehr lesen: Two of Coins »

  • Three of Coins

    The Three of Coins in Tarot indicates success or a positive development in your environment. This tarot card is often associated with a new beginning or a fresh start at a higher level.

    Mehr lesen: Three of Coins »

  • Four of Coins

    The Four of Coins in Tarot represents security and material success. However, this tarot card also indicates an exaggerated need for security, which can result in avarice and greed.

    Mehr lesen: Four of Coins »

  • Five of Coins

    The Five of Coins in Tarot symbolizes insecurity and loneliness and indicates crises. This tarot card challenges you to be adventurous and leave your familiar environment to seek a new way of life.

    Mehr lesen: Five of Coins »

  • Six of Coins

    The Six of Coins in Tarot promises an unexpected increase in money. This tarot card also shows that help or good advice is to be expected in difficult financial situations.

    Mehr lesen: Six of Coins »

  • Seven of Coins

    The Seven of Coins in Tarot demands that decisions need to be thought through more carefully. No need to worry, but this tarot card also announces a temporary delay in money matters.

    Mehr lesen: Seven of Coins »

  • Eight of Coins

    The Eight of Coins in Tarot calls for patience. Success is not there yet, but it is within reach. This is a positive tarot card showing the way to your destination. It can also symbolize beginner's luck.

    Mehr lesen: Eight of Coins »

  • Nine of Coins

    The Nine of Coins in Tarot stands for creativity and relaxation after a hard day's work. This tarot card promises a well-deserved reward after successfully completing a project or a venture.

    Mehr lesen: Nine of Coins »

  • Ten of Coins

    The Ten of Coins in Tarot indicates an active social and family life. This tarot card also symbolizes wealth and the beginning of a period of security and stability in your surroundings.

    Mehr lesen: Ten of Coins »

  • Page of Coins

    The Page of Coins in Tarot is an intelligent person but he’s always on the lookout. This tarot card symbolizes the chance to secure a good deal or to take the plunge and move on to a new tasks.

    Mehr lesen: Page of Coins »

  • Knight of Coins

    The Knight of Coins in Tarot focuses on material matters and is a reliable tarot card that promises regular income and an unexpected win. Stay alert and try and spot the signs, they may be in plain sight.

    Mehr lesen: Knight of Coins »

  • Queen of Coins

    The Queen of Coins in Tarot embodies an auspicious, loving and intelligent person. This tarot card symbolizes diligence and reliability but warns against exaggeration or excess.

    Mehr lesen: Queen of Coins »

  • King of Coins

    The King of Coins in Tarot represents emotional authority and leadership. This tarot card clearly shows the pursuit of security and possessions, possibly indicating an ideal time for business ventures.

    Mehr lesen: King of Coins »

Futhark Runes

  • Futhark Runes

    The Futhark runes were an important part of Viking and Scandinavian culture and society for hundreds of years and their mystery and symbolism continue to fascinate and intrigue us today.

    Mehr lesen: Futhark Runes »

  • Fehu Rune

    In the rune oracle, the Futhark rune Fehu promises us happy and harmonious times, no matter whether regarding material wealth or social success. You can soon look forward to abundance and plenty.

    Mehr lesen: Fehu Rune »

  • Uruz Rune

    Within the rune oracle, the Futhark rune Uruz traditionally symbolizes energy and courage - but strength, good health and wisdom are also key attributes of this ancient rune.

    Mehr lesen: Uruz Rune »

  • Thurisaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Thurisaz, the giant, predicts vitality, readiness for conflict and the overcoming of obstacles so, if Thurisaz appears within the rune oracle, we can look forward to positive developments.

    Mehr lesen: Thurisaz Rune »

  • Ansuz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Ansuz within the rune oracle gives us confidence within our environment and strengthens our communication skills and intuition. Ansuz also stands for magic.

    Mehr lesen: Ansuz Rune »

  • Raido Rune

    If we see the Futhark Rune Raidho within the rune oracle, a new way of life will open up before us since this rune stands for farewell and new beginnings, the eternal dance of life and the untiring cycles of nature.

    Mehr lesen: Raido Rune »

  • Kenaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Kenaz, the torch, represents our life energy and, within the rune oracle, it symbolizes fire and passion, visions and, in general, for our inherent abilities to achieve our goals.

    Mehr lesen: Kenaz Rune »

  • Gebo Rune

    The Futhark Rune Gebo is symbolic as a gift and has an exceptionally positive message for us: harmony and exchange, loyalty and partnership as well as the union of the male and female.

    Mehr lesen: Gebo Rune »

  • Wunjo Rune

    Pleasure, laughter and happiness - that is the positive message that the Futhark Rune Wunjo gives us. In the rune oracle, Wunjo symbolizes all good things such as security, peace, prosperity and harmony.

    Mehr lesen: Wunjo Rune »

  • Hagalaz Rune

    If we question the rune oracle, the Futhark rune Hagalaz would like to help us find inner harmony and this rune allows to attain a balance of strength - but make sure to be very careful if it appears upside down.

    Mehr lesen: Hagalaz Rune »

  • Naudhiz Rune

    If the Futhark rune Naudhiz appears, we could be startled because its name stands for 'necessity within the consciousness' but it also brings great powers and energy that awaken through resistance.

    Mehr lesen: Naudhiz Rune »

  • Isa Rune

    The Futhark Rune Isa presents us with challenges since this old Norse sign represents the pause and the development of willpower and, at the same time reveals how we can find clarity.

    Mehr lesen: Isa Rune »

  • Jera Rune

    The Futhark Rune Jera reflects rhythm and harmony as well as the cycles of nature and our life. This rune’s influence also helps us learn more about the eternal cycle of fertility and maturity.

    Mehr lesen: Jera Rune »

  • Eihwaz Rune

    If the Futhark Rune Eihwaz appears when questioning the rune oracle, this is usually a positive sign and, as an intermediary between heaven and earth, Eihwaz can give us deep insights into a variety of situations.

    Mehr lesen: Eihwaz Rune »

  • Perthro Rune

    The mystical Futhark Rune Perthro is a mystical rune and a keeper of secrets. Within an oracle reading Perthro is a window to revealing more about your own destiny and the power of fate.

    Mehr lesen: Perthro Rune »

  • Algiz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Algiz traditionally represents protection against evil and, if this ancient sign appears in the rune oracle, we can expect our projects and resolutions to be successful.

    Mehr lesen: Algiz Rune »

  • Sowilo Rune

    The Futhark Rune Sowilo, the sun, symbolizes exercise and health, hope, energy and success, and we learn how we can use these powers for ourselves within the rune oracle.

    Mehr lesen: Sowilo Rune »

  • Tiwaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Tiwaz, the rune of the god Tyr, when appearing within the rune oracle points us to justice and victory, success and authority, although these may not be achievable without having to fight for them.

    Mehr lesen: Tiwaz Rune »

  • Berkana Rune

    A peaceful home, security and relaxation - but also renewal, fertility and motherhood: these are the messages of the ancient Futhark Rune Berkana in a reading of the rune oracle.

    Mehr lesen: Berkana Rune »

  • Ehwaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Ehwaz was in use around 2,000 years ago and today it predicts a turning point within the rune oracle and progress in your everyday private and professional life.

    Mehr lesen: Ehwaz Rune »

  • Mannaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Mannaz symbolizes people, humanity and the social order while, within the rune oracle, it has an important role to play and points to self-knowledge, tolerance and spiritual powers.

    Mehr lesen: Mannaz Rune »

  • Laguz Rune

    If the Futhark Rune Laguz appears within a reading, we could soon feel more vitality and positivity. The Laguz rune is all about energy and renewal as well as dreams and imagination.

    Mehr lesen: Laguz Rune »

  • Ingwaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Ingwaz is dedicated to the god Ing and indicates family cohesion and care. Within the rune oracle, this rune helps us learn how we can find inner growth and overcome old fears.

    Mehr lesen: Ingwaz Rune »

  • Dagaz Rune

    The Futhark Rune Dagaz symbolizes the day and shows us the way to hope and growth, as well as showing us the way to awaken our own consciousness and reach our ideals.

    Mehr lesen: Dagaz Rune »

  • Othala Rune

    If the Futhark Rune Othala appears within the rune oracle, this is a representation of community and a feeling of belonging. This rune symbolizes nature and encourages us to discover ways to prosperity and abundance.

    Mehr lesen: Othala Rune »

Runen & Orakel

    Daily Horoscopes

    • Aries Daily Horoscope

      Aries always likes to know what to expect and, in your daily horoscope, you can find out whether discipline and courage are worthwhile attributes today or whether the stars signal a retreat as your best policy!

      Mehr lesen: Aries Daily Horoscope »

    • Taurus Daily Horoscope

      Taurus is always on the safe side and, in avoiding possible stumbling blocks, it is helpful to know in advance what the coming day holds for you. Consult your daily horoscope to discover more.

      Mehr lesen: Taurus Daily Horoscope »

    • Gemini Daily Horoscope

      No matter what the day brings, a Gemini can easily adapt to almost all situations but a look at your daily horoscope reveals in advance how things may develop for you.

      Mehr lesen: Gemini Daily Horoscope »

    • Cancer Daily Horoscope

      Those of the zodiac sign Cancer are sensitive people who sense upcoming changes very early, even becoming irritable. The daily horoscope reveals whether there is controversy or harmony in the air for you today.

      Mehr lesen: Cancer Daily Horoscope »

    • Leo Daily Horoscope

      Those born under the sign of Leo are brave and strong - are the stars in your daily horoscope favourable for conquering new worlds today? Discover if your efforts have been worthwhile and whether you will now be rewarded with success.

      Mehr lesen: Leo Daily Horoscope »

    • Virgo Daily Horoscope

      The daily horoscope tells the Virgo whether relationships and projects are under a good star today. Sure, honesty and reliability are important to Virgos - but on some days the signs may also indicate to a storm.

      Mehr lesen: Virgo Daily Horoscope »

    • Libra Daily Horoscope

      For those born under the zodiac sign of Libra, it is clear that every single day gives us countless wonderful moments – so, how should you choose the best? Well, the daily horoscope may be helpful in showing you what the stars hold for you today.

      Mehr lesen: Libra Daily Horoscope »

    • Scorpio Daily Horoscope

      Even the determined Scorpio sometimes loses sight of the way, but your daily horoscope may show you the right direction today. You have come a long way with your willpower and self-confidence.

      Mehr lesen: Scorpio Daily Horoscope »

    • Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

      Even the cosmopolitan and happy Sagittarian needs a quiet retreat every now and then and your daily horoscope reveals whether today is the right day to recharge your batteries.

      Mehr lesen: Sagittarius Daily Horoscope »

    • Capricorn Daily Horoscope

      The determined Capricorn knows that a lot can be achieved with ambition and diligence but not everything can necessarily be explained. Your daily horoscope sheds light on the hidden opportunities and possibilities of today.

      Mehr lesen: Capricorn Daily Horoscope »

    • Aquarius Daily Horoscope

      Some days, the profound Aquarius can also be a little volatile but a look at your daily horoscope reveals more about today’s stars: are there interesting encounters awaiting you or is there success in your job perhaps?

      Mehr lesen: Aquarius Daily Horoscope »

    • Pisces Daily Horoscope

      The daily horoscope for Pisces is always good for a surprise since the ups and downs of life are of particular interest to the Piscean! Does today bring decisive change or will it be calm and relaxed?

      Mehr lesen: Pisces Daily Horoscope »


    • Star Signs

      Mystical and fascinating - the stars have always had a magical attraction and their interpretation originated from the observation of the seasons and the star constellations that were assigned to them.

      Mehr lesen: Star Signs »

    • Star Sign Aries

      If Aries the ram has his mind set on something, no obstacle will stop him as those born under this zodiac sign tend to act impulsively. It is therefore definitely worth taking a quick glance at your horoscope today.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Aries »

    • Star Sign Taurus

      Of course, the zodiac sign Taurus enjoys nature trips, exclusive restaurants and just generally the finer things in life - but how do the stars influence the Taurus’ strong personality in everyday family life and at work?

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Taurus »

    • Star Sign Gemini

      The zodiac sign Gemini is curious and communicative - and with its almost exuberant energy, the Gemini can achieve almost anything. But what traits will your daily horoscope reveal to you today?

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Gemini »

    • Star Sign Cancer

      The zodiac sign Cancer often hides a soft core within its hard shell and, as emotional characters, they often worry too much – but a look at the daily horoscope reveals whether those worries are justified.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Cancer »

    • Star Sign Leo

      The zodiac sign Leo has an enviable self-confidence and organizational talents which can open many doors. As a natural hunter, success is in your blood, so take a look at your stars today to reveal more.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Leo »

    • Star Sign Virgo

      It is well known that the Virgo zodiac sign is practical, well organized and loves sensible compromises but is that really the case? What secrets does the horoscope reveal about your character?

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Virgo »

    • Star Sign Libra

      The favourite word of the Libra zodiac sign is harmony, but the stars look a little deeper and also reveal their love of spiritual sources of inspiration and justice, as well as their renown sense of aesthetics.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Libra »

    • Star Sign Scorpio

      The zodiac sign Scorpio is not afraid of challenges and rarely does things in half-measures. The Scorpio wants to know everything in the most exact terms, of course this also applies to taking a peek at their own horoscope.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Scorpio »

    • Star Sign Sagittarius

      The Sagittarius zest for life can be contagious as they love adventure and like to enjoy the scent of the big, wide world. Of course, due to their natural curiosity, they also like to take a peek at their horoscope too.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Sagittarius »

    • Star Sign Capricorn

      The down-to-earth Capricorn usually sets itself strict goals and strives for high positions. A glance at the daily horoscope may reveal whether or not this zodiac sign achieves its objectives today.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Capricorn »

    • Star Sign Aquarius

      The independent Aquarius magically attracts unusual and bizarre things, and a good look at their strengths and weaknesses shows how they can best implement their own ambitious ideas.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Aquarius »

    • Star Sign Pisces

      Thanks to their sensitivity, those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces have a big heart and in today’s horoscope you can discover whether your intuition is correct regarding your own character traits.

      Mehr lesen: Star Sign Pisces »


    • Ascendant

      The ascendant is the most individual point in the horoscope and together with the zodiac sign, it provides fascinating information that can be derived and interpreted from a birth chart.

      Mehr lesen: Ascendant »

    • Moon Phases

      We are all subject to the influence of the sun and the moon, both of which are very important to our life and actions and the effect of the phases of the moon on the planets in the zodiac plays a major role in astrology.

      Mehr lesen: Moon Phases »

    • The Four Elements

      In addition to the signs of the zodiac, one of nature’s four elements, fire, water, air and earth, are also assigned to us at birth which can have a significant influence on our character traits.

      Mehr lesen: The Four Elements »

    • Celtic Horoscope

      The Celtic horoscope represents the year as a circle, to which 21 tree species are assigned. Each tree has different medicinal and magical properties and these trees protect and accompany the Celtic people throughout their lives.

      Mehr lesen: Celtic Horoscope »

    • Chinese Horoscope

      Depending on the year of birth, the signs of the Chinese Horoscope, as a counterpart to our own zodiac signs, provide information about character traits as well as the likes and dislikes of people.

      Mehr lesen: Chinese Horoscope »

    • Indian Horoscope

      Indian astrology differs in some respects from western astrology as it is based on Babylonian and Hellenistic elements and is closely related to traits and beliefs of the Hindu religion.

      Mehr lesen: Indian Horoscope »

    • Star Signs in Spring

      Discover which astrological signs of the zodiac are attributed to the spring season and how they interact and influence each other as well as their position within the complete zodiac cycle.

      Mehr lesen: Star Signs in Spring »

    • Star Signs in Summer

      Discover which astrological signs of the zodiac are attributed to the summer season and how they interact and influence each other as well as their position within the complete zodiac cycle.

      Mehr lesen: Star Signs in Summer »

    • Star Signs in Autumn

      Discover which astrological signs of the zodiac are attributed to the autumn season and how they interact and influence each other as well as their position within the complete zodiac cycle.

      Mehr lesen: Star Signs in Autumn »

    • Star Signs in Winter

      Discover which astrological signs of the zodiac are attributed to the winter season and how they interact and influence each other as well as their position within the complete zodiac cycle.

      Mehr lesen: Star Signs in Winter »


    • Maya Calendar

      At the beginning of the 21st century, the ancient high culture of the Maya came into the collective consciousness of the world public through the spread of a variety of ancient Maya prophecies.

      Mehr lesen: Maya Calendar »

    • Medium & Séance

      Medium and channelling - the urge to get in touch with out-of-body beings such as deceased relatives or ghosts is strong in many people and with the help of a medium, peace, clarity or even closure can be found.

      Mehr lesen: Medium & Séance »

    • Alois Irlmaier

      Alois Irlmaier was born near Siegsdorf in Upper Bavaria in 1894 and is considered to be one of the most accurate clairvoyants of the 20th century and a huge influence within the world of divination.

      Mehr lesen: Alois Irlmaier »

    • Edgar Cayce

      Edgar Cayce lived in the United States from 1877 to 1945 and became known as the sleeping prophet. He was a medium that answered questions about health, reincarnation, the existence of Atlantis and religious issues.

      Mehr lesen: Edgar Cayce »

    Events & Termine

    • Event Calendar

      Our event calendar keeps you abreast of all interesting and fascinating events and activities in the world of divination and spirituality. Whether a dedicated market event or a special day of the year, it’s all here.

      Mehr lesen: Event Calendar »


    • Fortune Telling Glossary

      From Abracadabra, Abramelin and Astrology to Zodiac and Zombie - with our fortune telling encyclopedia you will learn everything about fortune telling, esotericism, tarot, runes and clairvoyance.

      Mehr lesen: Fortune Telling Glossary »

    • On this day...

      Tarot.co.uk - Today in the history of tarot, magic, runes and esotericism

      Mehr lesen: On this day... »


    • Magic

      Magic deals with supernatural powers and in many places goes back to traditional customs. Magical thinking is innate in humans. This is evident from the fact that all peoples of the earth have conjured up their own magical concepts.

      Mehr lesen: Magic »

    • White Magic

      White magic is an alternative way of perceiving the things that surround us. Those that have developed their magical abilities in this art have enhanced spirituality and are able to perceive things that most people miss.

      Mehr lesen: White Magic »

    • Protective Magic

      To create positive energy, negative energy must first be acknowledged before it can be banished by a protection ritual or other white magic rituals, achievable with an attained level of self-understanding.

      Mehr lesen: Protective Magic »

    • Voodoo

      Voodoo is the ancient and often misunderstood art of connecting with ghost-like creatures called Loa, who are essentially of a gentle nature and friendly towards people.

      Mehr lesen: Voodoo »


    • Channeling

      Anyone who is open to white magic can learn to establish contact with ethereal beings through concentration, meditation or trance and, therefore, can ask angels, spirits, or late masters for advice and guidance.

      Mehr lesen: Channeling »

    • Karma

      Karma is the reaction to events that we caused ourselves and even though we usually speak of good and bad karma, the term is actually quite meaningless since karma is simply an unpaid debt awaiting settlement.

      Mehr lesen: Karma »

    • Reincarnation

      The idea that our soul will be reborn after death is not only comforting but also surrounded by great mysticism. In Buddhism, in particular, the concept of rebirth is firmly anchored and has long been an essential component of the belief.

      Mehr lesen: Reincarnation »

    • Meditation

      Many people today look to spiritual life counselling in order to be able to overcome life’s crises and, with meditation, a completely new spiritual level can be reached for future phases along life’s journey.

      Mehr lesen: Meditation »

    • Neuro Linguistic Programming

      NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming is a form of holistic life counselling and many of the more spiritual methods are invaluable in helping people overcome crises and issues in difficult times.

      Mehr lesen: Neuro Linguistic Programming »


    • Mantras

      The mantra is an ancient method of influencing body and mind with the help of sounds, rhythms and resonance patterns. Originally rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism, their healing power is now highly valued worldwide.

      Mehr lesen: Mantras »

    • Swarovski Angels

      For angel lovers and those seeking protection there are many ways to have your personal guardian angel always by your side. Our crystal angels with Swarovski decor make a particularly magical companion for you.

      Mehr lesen: Swarovski Angels »

    • The Digitaln Tarot

      The Digitaln Tarot impresses with the unique grunge style of the tarot cards. These ground-breaking and powerful illustrations are characterized by freedom and individualism.

      Mehr lesen: The Digitaln Tarot »

    • Rider Waite Tarot

      The Rider-Waite Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite together with Pamela Colman-Smith is a very popular tarot deck whose tarot cards allow for a particularly detailed interpretation.

      Mehr lesen: Rider Waite Tarot »

    • Tarot Of Marseilles

      The Tarot of Marseilles from the 15th century is one of the most famous and oldest decks in the world. Modern tarot decks are often based on the charming designs of these tarot cards.

      Mehr lesen: Tarot Of Marseilles »

    • The Animal Tarot

      The Animal Tarot shines with its breath-taking colours, beautiful accents and simple representations. These tarot cards depict an ingenious interplay of human and animal figures.

      Mehr lesen: The Animal Tarot »

    • The Classical Tarot

      The Classical Tarot has been a model for many other tarot decks since the late 18th century. These tarot cards are considered classic because they reflect Christian-occidental traditions.

      Mehr lesen: The Classical Tarot »

    • The Delcarmat Tarot

      The Delcarmat Tarot offers help for specific problems. It uncovers hidden secrets and provides a deep understanding for anyone who desires a glimpse into the future.

      Mehr lesen: The Delcarmat Tarot »

    • Gypsy Gathering Tarot

      The Gypsy Gathering Tarot is modern and enchants with its colourful pictures and fairy-tale like symbolism. The illustrations of the tarot cards ensure a unique interpretation.

      Mehr lesen: Gypsy Gathering Tarot »

    • The Tableful Oracle Tarot

      The Tableful Oracle Tarot is particularly exceptional as these tarot cards tell of an enchanting world of dreams and the subconscious and appear surreal and profound in design.

      Mehr lesen: The Tableful Oracle Tarot »

    • Knapp Hall Tarot

      The Knapp Hall Tarot deck was designed by John Augustus Knapp and Manly P. Hall. The special power of these tarot cards lies in the spiritual-meditative aspects of esotericism.

      Mehr lesen: Knapp Hall Tarot »

    • Visconti Tarot

      The Visconti Tarot, created for the Visconti and Sforza families in the mid-15th century, is one of the oldest decks in the world and these tarot cards are still in great demand today.

      Mehr lesen: Visconti Tarot »

    • Tarot of Lombardy

      The Tarot of Lombardy created by Lo Scarabeo, brings together aspects of neoclassicism at the turn of the 19th century. These tarot cards are especially interesting for lovers of art history.

      Mehr lesen: Tarot of Lombardy »

    • The Woodcut Tarot

      The Woodcut Tarot couldn't be more unique, featuring beautifully crafted wood engravings that bring a unique energy and an almost Celtic quality to these symbolic tarot cards.

      Mehr lesen: The Woodcut Tarot »

    • La Inspiratriz Tarot

      The La Inspiratriz Tarot is expressive and mystical with its modern and beautiful designs. These enchanting tarot cards give a lot of scope for a very individual interpretation.

      Mehr lesen: La Inspiratriz Tarot »

    • Oswald Wirth Tarot

      The Oswald Wirth Tarot was first published in 1889 and is a very spiritual deck. His tarot cards contain a variety of symbols from the worlds of Freemasonry, Kabbalah and Alchemy.

      Mehr lesen: Oswald Wirth Tarot »

    • Swiss 1JJ Tarot

      The Swiss 1JJ Tarot is a historical tarot deck that dates back to the 19th century and is still widely used today. Many other tarot decks are influenced by the designs of these tarot cards.

      Mehr lesen: Swiss 1JJ Tarot »

    • Shadowscapes Tarot

      The Shadowscapes Tarot is an exquisite work of art that combines Asian, Celtic and Indian elements. These tarot cards depict breath-taking scenes from various legends and myths.

      Mehr lesen: Shadowscapes Tarot »


    • Tarot and Divination

      Tarot combines mystery, fascination and mysticism. Map reading is a magical art that has been practiced for centuries and still fascinates people today. Learn more about tarot fortune telling and the mysteries of the tarot cards here.

      Mehr lesen: Tarot and Divination »

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